Why is my android auto not connecting to my car?

Have you been experiencing connection problems with your android auto? If your android auto is not working well, what could be the problem?

This article will help you figure out why your android auto is not connecting to your car. Keep scrolling down as you read these guides.

We know that android auto helps drivers to perform a lot of operations like; making and receiving all phone calls, listening to music, texting and replying messages and navigating across google maps while driving.

Reasons why your android auto is not connecting to your car:

Wrong set-up of android auto

Wrong set-up of android auto

A strong Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended when setting up the android auto for the first time. You might not have used a strong internet connection in that matter. For wireless connections, you must use a USB cable to connect through. These are the steps you follow if you want to install android auto:

Open your Play store app in your phone.

Download and install the android auto app in your mobile phone.

Turn your car electrics on.

Take a USB cable and connect your phone to your car.

If a pop-up prompt appears on your screen requiring you to update or download some of the apps for android auto, just do it.

Once you are through, scroll down the terms and conditions to accept them.

Furthermore, accept all permissions required to access your phone.

On your screen, select android auto.

Your android auto is outdated.

If your android auto used to work very well on your car then suddenly it stopped working, there is some work you should do. That work is none other than updating your android auto. To be sure, you first confirm whether there are any pending updates on your phone. You can do so by:

Opening your settings Menu, then you scroll down to look for Software update Menu.

  • When you see that there are any pending updates present, turn on your internet connection and install them.
  • Check whether Android auto is updated. You can do so by opening your Google Play Store in your phone.
  • On the search bar, look for android auto app and see if any updates are available.
  • Once you are done, repeat the same steps to update all other apps that you use with android auto.

Your android auto cache might be full.

As we all know, android apps contain cache that stores all the temporary files in the app. Your apps might crash or lag if cache starts to malfunction.

  • Open your phone settings app.
  • Tap to open the apps menu.
  • Scroll down the options and click on Android auto.
  • On the options displayed, click on storage.
  • On the right side of your screen, tap on clear cache tab.

Your USB cable might have stopped working.

To know whether your cable is broken, try to use different USB cables with android auto. Try as much as possible to use high quality USB cables to favor your connection. You might have used a low-quality USB cable that’s why you can’t connect android auto to your car. If this is the case, to solve this problem you need to get a new and a better USB cable.


Having looked at the various reasons that might have caused your android auto connection to malfunction, it’s important you try and visit an expert to fix the problem. A key point that you should keep in mind is that, at any given moment when connect to your phone to android auto it should be automatic.

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