Why is Microsoft Word not responding?

Why is Microsoft Word not responding

Microsoft Word is one of the successful and widely used product of Microsoft Cooperation that was first launched in 1983. Since then, it has undergone multiple process of improvisation for a better user experience.

This software provides both the free version with limited functions and the premium version to the users. Microsoft Word is not only a word processor, but it also provides templates for various purposes such as writing letters, resume, flyers etc.

However, the users still do face issues with Microsoft Word and one of the common one is Microsoft Word stops responding while it is being used. There are a few causes for these issues and one of the possible reasons is due to add-in issues with the software. Apart from that a specific corrupted document could also lead to this issue. Here are a few simple steps to fix this issue.

Use Safe Mode to Launch the Word and Disable Add-Ins

Step 1: Press and hold the Ctrl button and simultaneously click on the Words Software Icon.
Step 2: Then when a prompt asking if you want the Words software to be opened in safe mode pop-up, click yes to proceed.
Step 3: Click the File option at the top left of the page.
Step 4: Then select the Option button that is on the left sidebar.
Step 5: Next click the Add-ins option in the left sidebar followed by the Go option at the bottom of the screen.
Step 6: When the COM Add-ins screen pop-up untick all the add-ins and proceed to click OK.
Step 7: Finally, close the Words and reopen in the normal mode.

Repair Corrupted Documents (When the Microsoft Word does not respond to certain document)

Step 1: Open the Word under the safe mode.
Step 2: Click the Files option on the top left side of the page then click Open option.
Step 3: Browser option in the following page.
Step 4: Select the document that is problematic then at the open option below click the arrow icon and select Open and Repair option.
Step 5: This will repair the document.

Commonly asked Questions

Question: How do I fix word not responding messages?
Answer: Open the Word software in a safe mode by holding Ctrl. Then go to file click option, then click Add-ins followed by go button at the bottom. Finally, untick all the add-ins then reopen the Word in the normal mode

Question: Can’t access a document, the Word pauses right a way upon opening the document.
Answer: Open the Word under the safe mode, click the files option followed by the Browser option. Then select the document that can’t be accessed and choose the Open and Repair option.

Therefore, Microsoft Word stops responding or pauses due to several reasons, but it can be fixed through simple steps as it is a common issue. When the file stops responding in the middle of editing process there will be an auto backup option to safe the file from disappearing.

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