Why is Microsoft Teams so slow?

Microsoft Teams is a widely used communication platform in various types of business, Universities, schools, and organizations. That is due to the multiple options provided by Microsoft Teams to communicate under one software such as one-on-one chats, group chats, live meetings, scheduled meetings and to make direct calls as well.

Especially during Covid-19 pandemic the usage of this product has escalated and became prominent to combat the pandemic disadvantages such as frequent lockdowns etc. That is because, during lockdown period across the world most of the education and companies started adopting to online platforms to conduct classes and meetings.

There are many factors that could cause a slow down in a certain device or a software. When there is a slow down in a device or software like Microsoft Teams, the software might close automatically when it is opened or pauses in the middle of using it.

This issue happens due to factors like existence of cache, outdated version of Microsoft Teams, or even due to low internet speed. Here are a few steps to resolve a slow down issue in Microsoft Teams.

Ways to clear cache in Microsoft Teams

1. Right click on the Microsoft Teams icon in the system tray and quit the app.
2. Locate team files in the computer and delete it all.
3. Then restart the computer.
4. Finally relaunch the Microsoft Teams.

Ways to update Microsoft Teams

Ways to update Microsoft Teams

1. Go to Microsoft Teams.
2. Click on the three dots beside your profile picture.
3. Then select the “Check for updates” option. This will install the latest version of Microsoft Teams.
4.Finally close the Microsoft Teams and reopen.

Ways to increase the internet speed for Microsoft Teams

1. During video calls do not use background pictures.
2. Disable video and microphone when it is not required.
3. Close other apps in background.

Most asked questions and answers

Questions: Why I can’t open any files, send messages, or start a video call?

Answers: You can try to update your Microsoft Teams as this problem occur when the latest updates are not updated. Click on the three dots at the top right of the Microsoft Teams page then select the “Check for updates” option to update your Microsoft Teams.

Questions: Why are my video calls lagging in Microsoft Teams.

Answers: To avoid lagging during the video calls avoid using background pictures as it would reduce the internet speed resulting in issues like lagging during calls.

Questions: Teams become very slow when someone chat. How can I fic these issues?

Answers: This could be due to too many caches in the Microsoft Teams. Hence you can try removing the caches by uninstalling the app and relaunch it.


Lagging and slow down issues are quite common especially in software that provides multiple channels of communication like Microsoft Teams. This is because this software requires high internet speed to run smoothly. However, these issues can be fixed with a few simple steps.

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