Why is Microsoft Teams on my computer?

Microsoft Teams is a product of Microsoft and one of the leading communication and collaboration tool in the market.

That is because Microsoft Teams is constantly improving their user-interface and accessibility to ensure user satisfactory.

Microsoft Teams provides a platform with various option to communicate. The options provided by the app are one-on-one chats, group chats, live meetings, scheduled meetings and to make direct calls.

Thus, many organizations, companies and universities opt to use Microsoft Teams as their main communication platform.

Especially, during the Covid-19 pandemic the usage of this product has escalated. Although Microsoft Teams is not a default app there are chances for users to already have this app.

This could be due to reasons like companies or organization might have registered for Microsoft Teams or Office 365.

Users can either stop the Start-up of Microsoft Teams, disable the Microsoft Teams from the task Manager or uninstall.

Changing the settings in Microsoft Teams

1. Open Microsoft Teams.
2. Select the profile icon on the top right of the page and select “settings” option.
3. In the settings click the “general” option.
4. Then, uncheck the “Auto-start application” option.
5. Close the Microsoft Teams and restart your computer.

Disabling Microsoft Teams from the Task Manager

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Key simultaneously to open the Task Manager
2. Then, select the “Start-up” tab.
3. Click on the Microsoft Teams from the list and click the “Disable “option on the bottom right of the page.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

Uninstall Microsoft Teams

1. Open the Settings on Windows 10.
2. Select the “Apps” option.
3. Tap the “Apps and features” tab from the left panel.
4. Click on the “Microsoft Teams” from the list.
5. Then, proceed to click “Uninstall.
6. Next, locate the app called Teams Machine-Wide Installer from the list.
7. Select it and click “Uninstall”.

Commonly asked questions

Question: How can I stop Microsoft Teams from starting automatically on Windows 10?

Answer: Users can try to disable the Microsoft Teams from the Task manager. If that doesn’t check out this page for other methods. How to make Microsoft teams not to open on Start up

Question: How can I update Microsoft Teams?

Answer: Open Microsoft Teams and on the three-dots icon beside the profile picture. Then, select the “Check for Updates” option. This will install any new updates.

Question: What are the forms of payments Microsoft accepts?

Answer: Subscriptions or Upgrades can be paid through Credit/debit cards, bank account or Mobile numbers.

Questions: Can users from outside the organization join meetings?

Answers: Users from outside the Microsoft Teams can still join meetings if they are added to the meeting through their email address.


Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use app as it provides a clear user interface. Moreover, as the app is prominent and widely used issues faced by the users can be fixed easily. That is because there are many guideline and solution resources available. It is common for apps and software to glitch or have issues as there are many factors. However, it can be fixed with a few simple steps.

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