Why is Microsoft office so cheap on eBay?

Microsoft Office also known as Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps built to help with productivity and completing common tasks.

In this product, there are various applications each with its own functions and features that aid users in different tasks.

There are Words, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook under the Microsoft Office.

These products can be bought as a standalone product or can also be obtained through the purchase of Microsoft Office.

This software is widely used suite of apps by many individuals, Companies, and organizations. This product is only available in a premium version, so users must subscribe to the service.

Microsoft Office can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store directly at which provides several plans for this product with different pricing.

Microsoft Office 365 are also sold on other platforms like eBay as well at a lower price. Many wonder why Microsoft office is so cheap on eBay.

However, getting Microsoft products from other websites other then from Microsoft itself is risky as there are chances for pirated copies and scams.

Check out this link to view the plans provided by Microsoft https://www.microsoft.com/

Steps to download Microsoft Office

1. Sign to your office account at https://www.office.com/
2. At the Office home page select “Install Office” option.
3. Then click the “Install” option.
4. Next select “Run” to proceed with the installation.
5. When a prompt asking, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” pops up select “Yes”.
6. After installation process continue to activate the Office.
7. At Windows, Start search for any Office app and select it to open.
8. When the Office app opens, accept the license agreement. This will activate your Office.

Commonly asked questions

Questions: Is it legal to buy Microsoft Office from other online vendors?

Answer: It is not illegal but mostly there are high chances of getting pirated copies or scams if the price difference is extremely different. Therefore, it’s best to buy from the official site if you are looking for buying Office licenses.

Questions: Will I get caught for using Pirated Microsoft Software?

Will I get caught for using Pirated Microsoft Software

Answer: It is possible for the copyright holder to sue you for damages and make you regret pirated software.

Questions: Can students get to use Office 365 for free?

Answer: Yes, if your institute has enrolled with Microsoft students at that institute can get Office 365 for free.

Questions: If I have been a victim of a technical support scam when I make a report on this?

Answer: Go to this page Microsoft-Report a technical support scam and fill in the details of the incident without including any of your personal details.


When there is a huge price difference between the Microsoft Office sold by Microsoft and third parties like E-bay there are high chances for it to be a scam or a pirated copy.

Therefore, customers are advised to get it the Microsoft itself to avoid falling for victims to scammers.

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