Why is android auto not working?

Are you driving on a busy road and you want to answer an incoming call that is urgent? As time flaunts by, you find out that your android auto is not functioning as expected. Is your Android auto not working? If this is the case, don’t worry this article will help you know/find out why it’s not working.

Before we have a look at what could be the problem with your android auto, let’s first know what Android auto is.

What is android auto?

What is android auto

Android auto is a platform that runs from user’s mobile phone projecting it’s enabled user experience to a compatible in-vehicle system via a USB connection. The in-vehicle system refers to the android apps designed to be used only in vehicles.

This platform enables one to use his/her mobile phone accordingly especially when driving. They both function well as one system. Android features are mirrored from android device directly to your car.

The easiest way to connect or link your phone to your car is by using the android auto platform.

Features of android auto:

A lot of drivers use this feature while driving. Here are some of the features that make drivers to use this platform:

Google Assistant.

Android auto supports google assistant feature. This allows drivers to multitask by executing tasks while driving. This feature uses voice to perform a certain task. There are a number of tasks that google assistant can perform such as;

  • Making a phone call while driving.
  • Sending a text message.
  • Playing exciting music as you are driving.
  • Giving out directions especially when in a new route.

Navigation tools.

Android auto supports navigation such as Google maps to help the user to move from one location to another. Furthermore, they still give the user the estimated time he/she will take while using a particular route. To use this tool, ask your google assistant to give you the directions to the place you are travelling to. Your navigation tool will open and your route will be displayed on the screen.

Android auto supports communication via google assistant. This has enabled a lot of drivers to get in touch with their family, friends or workmates while driving on the road. The user can send or respond to a message while driving. This can be done by, asking your google assistant to access your messaging app such as SMS app, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts and many more


What really happens when you are exhausted and you feel like sleeping while you are driving? The first option that should pop on your mind is playing some music to get you on the track. Tell your google assistant to open your music app; Play music/Boom play/Spotify and play the music. Similarly, you can listen to news via a radio.

Reasons why your android auto is not working

Here are some reasons as to why your android auto is not working as expected:

  • Your auto android cache is full.
  • You might have used a low-quality USB cable while connecting your android phone to your car.
  • Your phone might not be compatible with Android auto in your car.
  • You might have connected your phone to a different car if you are using a wireless connection.
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