Why have people been rethinking the Microsoft model?

Microsoft is one of the prominent American multinational technology Corporations producing computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers.

One of the widely used products on Microsoft is Microsoft 365 or previously known as Office 365 which is a suite of applications built to help with productivity and completing common tasks.

In this product, there are various applications each with its functions and features that aid users in different tasks.

Microsoft obtains its revenue from the sales of computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers.

However, Microsoft‘s biggest source of revenue comes from Office productivity software subscriptions.

Thus, many been rethinking the Microsoft Model. Here‘s how the Microsoft channels the subscriptions.

Microsoft Office Subscriptions

Microsoft Office Subscriptions

1. Go to this link to choose the Microsoft 365 plan that you are looking for https://www.microsoft.com/en-my/microsoft-365/buy/compare-all-microsoft-365-products
2. Then, scroll down to the “Compare Microsoft 365 with Office” section and click on the “Buy Now” option at the plan you’re intending to buy.
3. Next, sign in with Microsoft account if you already have one or create a new one.
4. Then, proceed with the payment process and click the “pay” option.

Commonly asked question

Question: Why I am getting a “Renew your subscription” message and how should I turn it off?

Answer: This notification pops up when your Microsoft 365 subscription was about to expire before you renewed. To turn it off after you renew your subscription, close all your open Office applications, and open them again to use them.

Questions: Is it illegal to buy Microsoft Office from other online vendors?

Answer: It is not illegal but mostly there are high chances of getting pirated copies or scams if the price difference is extremely different. Therefore, it’s safe to buy from the official site if you are looking for buying Office licenses.

Question: What is Microsoft Revenue Model?

Answer: The Microsoft revenue model initially relied on a few key strengths. The prominent one is the licensing fees charged for use of the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite.

Question: How can I join the Microsoft Community?

Answer: Open Microsoft and click on the “Discover Community” option. Then, use “Search” to find communities. Check out the about page, scroll through the community feed, or look at members to find relevant communities. Select the “Join” option when you find the right community to join.


Therefore, this is how most of the revenue of Microsoft are obtained initially when the Microsoft Model was completely focused on the subscription fee.

However, the Microsoft model started improving to be more compatible in the market. For instance, Microsoft focused on a new vision in producing Windows software more compatible with competitor products.

Apart from that, Microsoft also successfully launched the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro. Moreover, Microsoft also expanded the variety of software it provides.

As an effort to expand the Microsoft Model, this corporation took over the LinkedIn platform in 2016. 

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