Why doesn’t my alarm go off on android

Have you ever been baffled why an alarm set on android devicese does not come to a halt even after it as already woken you up?

It is with no doubt that this is very irritating after setting an alarm but does not go off after its intended purpose.

In oftentimes, people tend to sway away from such android devices due to this chaotic alarm mulfunctioning.

Ever had this tedious alarm chaos? Say no more. We’ve got you covered. Here are some ways of how you could deal with this problem, simply beacuse the smartphone nowadays is the core of every dimension of our day to day activities starting from sending mails,making both business calls and personal calls and only to mention but a few.

Reboot Your Phone

As with any other ordinary smartphone, try to restart the device as this helps in couple of ways;

  1. a) Rebooting clears the temporary cache as this upon reactivation, any minor changes will be reset to normal. This clears the RAM that has had the phone mulfunction. If this helps, well and good, if it doesn’t move to the next solution.

Check out the Volume and the Tone of the Alarm

In this recent phones with recent softwares usually have independent keys for alarm control. Therefore, if one reduces the volume mistakenly there is a great probability that the alarm will go off.

Bearing this information in mind, this can be quickly fixed by presing the volume up and tapping the alarm button then slide the alarm volume to maximum. By so doing the alarm volume will be increased hence the alarm will go off.

Secondly, make sure the alarm tone is audible enough so that whenever the alarm goes off nothing will hinder the alarm from going off.

Clearing Clock App Cache

Clearing Clock App Cache

Here, clearing the clock cache data erases all existing alarms then one has to create those alarms again. Here are some steps to  clearing of the cache clock app cache;

Step 1 : Go to Settings then click on the Apps Icon

Step 2 : After Tapping on the Apps icon,click on the clock tab

Step 3 : Go to storage then click clear cache.

Check the settings “Do Not Disturb” in your device

In most times, whenever the Do Not Disturb button is clicked it deactivates most of the devices’ operations including the alarm notifications. So for an alarm to ring the Do Not disturb button must be deactivated.

Trouble Shooting Your Phone

After trying to rectfy the problem with the above solutions with frantic efforts but bearing no fruits at all, you can try trouble shoot your phone. To trouble shoot, it does not require one to be a software or computer wizard but one just needs to rectfy the alarm clock settings so that the alarm could work properly.


In summary, anytime you face this problem read this article to solve it. I hope this guide has been of tremendous merits to you.

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