Why does snapchat look bad on android

Are you shocked to see how bad Snapchat app in android device looks like? Do you want to know why Snapchat looks bad on android? Keep reading this article for more information.

As a fact, iOS devices like iPhones have a better camera than some of android apps. It’s this reason that make Snapchat pictures taken by iPhone to be of high quality than those taken by android phones.

Initially, Snapchat was designed specifically for iPhones. So, its compatibility was based on iOS devices. Later on, it was designed for android users since it had gained its popularity.

When you compare a Snapchat picture from iPhone with that taken from an android device, you will note that, android phones have a low-quality picture. The different versions of android phones may bring a slight change.

Snapchat from iPhones take an actual photo with your actual Camera while the Snapchat app from android phones take a screengrab of your phone. Having mentioned about screengrab, do you it’s meaning?

Well, a screengrab is a screenshot of what your camera views. Furthermore, android phones don’t have API feature.  Apple devices like iPhone have API as an easy way to get through camera features.

The main three reasons as to why Snapchat looks bad on android are:

  • Differences in phone size and android versions.
  • Absence of API causes android users to use low quality images on Snap.
  • Photos taken from android snap are a screenshot of what the camera views.

We can all agree without any differences that any Snapchat from Androids phones are not of high quality as for iPhones. The main reason is that the production cost of developing an app for iPhone is high. A couple of years ago, Snapchat has been developing different versions of the app.

Historically, Android phones have proven to be terrible and annoying, especially to the quality of camera. The only android phone that strives to give a clear camera picture is the new Samsung S21. The quality of these photos gets low whenever an android phone is used.

For high-quality Snaps while using an android phone you should consider the S21 Samsung. The bad/worse quality of these pictures is brought up by the software used since it uses a screenshot of what the phone camera views.

We have apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and other social apps that use your phone’s camera to take pictures and videos.

Below are some of the steps you will follow whenever you want to fix your Snapchat app in any android device:

  • Confirm if your Snapchat is malfunctioning.
  • After confirmation, proceed and restart your app.
  • Similarly, you can go to google Play store and update your app.
  • Once the app has been updated, restart your android phone.
  • Review your connections and check your network permissions.
  • Erase all the cache in your app and your app will run smoothly and error free.
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