Why does my Microsoft Word keep crashing?

Microsoft Word was first introduced 38 years ago and since then have evolved in terms of the interface, features, and functions to provide a better user experience. This product is offered under Microsoft Office 365 and can also be bought as a standalone product.

This software allows users to edit and create various types of documents such as reports, research, letters, and menus. For that Microsoft Words also provides a variety of templates that are ready to be used.

Therefore, this software is suitable for any types of users with different fields of work and purposes such as students, office executives and content creators etc.
A software or a website crashing are a commonly faced issue by many and it can happen due to many reasons. This issue also happens to Microsoft Words where in the middle of editing documents or when trying to save or open the documents it crashes and closes automatically.

Previously this was a big disadvantage of the software as when it crashes the documents gets deleted automatically. However, now due to the Microsoft Word is being connected to OneDrive the documents are auto saved when the function is enabled.

Therefore, the risk of the documents disappearing is low as it can be retrieved from OneDrive but there are few ways to avoid the software from crashing frequently and causing interruptions which slows down the work.

Ways to resolve Word crashing issues by downloading PC Repair Tool.

Step 1: At the search space type Control Panel and select it.
Step 2: Then select the “Programs” option.
Step 3: At the following page click on the “Programs and Features” option.
Step 4: Then select the “Microsoft Words” option from the list of programs.
Step 5: Next, click the “Repair” option.
Step 6: Finally, either choose “Online Repair” or “Quick Repair” option and let the process complete. Then restart the computer.

Ways to resolve Word crashing issues by disabling Add-Ins.

Ways to resolve Word crashing issues by disabling Add-Ins

Step 1: Press and hold the Ctrl button in your keyboard and simultaneously click on the Words Software Icon.
Step 2: Then when a prompt asking if you want the Words software to be opened in safe mode pop-up, click yes.
Step 3: Next, click the “File” option at the top left of the page.
Step 4: Then select the “Option” button on the left sidebar.
Step 5: Click the “Add-ins” option in the left sidebar followed by the “Go” option at the bottom of the screen.
Step 6: When the COM Add-ins screen pop-up untick all the add-ins and proceed to click “OK”.
Step 7: Close the Words and reopen in the normal mode.

Commonly asked questions

Question: How do I fix word not responding message?

Answer: Open the Word software in a safe mode by holding Ctrl. Then go to file click option, then click Add-ins followed by go button at the bottom. Finally, untick all the add-ins then reopen the Word in the normal mode.

Question: Can’t access a document, the Word pauses right away upon opening the document.

Answer: Open the Word under the safe mode, click the files option followed by the Browser option. Then select the document that can’t be accessed and choose the Open and Repair option.

These issues are quite common and faced by many, so the Microsoft company has identified the sources of this problems and have created options to resolve these issues such as the PC repair tool.


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