Why Does Microsoft OneDrive Keep Popping Up?

Microsoft is a US-based technology company that was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company quickly developed and grew to become the largest software company in the world.

Microsoft develops hardware and provides several cloud services such as OneDrive and Azure. Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service that is operated by Microsoft. It was first launched in

August 2007. This cloud service enables registered users to share and synchronize their files. Besides that, it also works as the storage back-end of the web version of Microsoft Office.

Although this cloud service is a reliable source often people face issues like frequent pop-up issues even if it is not used. That is because OneDrive comes with Microsoft service especially in Windows 10 it exists automatically.

Those users who don’t use this service are often not satisfied with the pop-ups. Users, they can apply a few simple steps to solve this problem. 

Disabling Microsoft OneDrive from the Task Manager

Disabling Microsoft OneDrive from the Task Manager

1. Right-click the taskbar and choose the “Task Manager” option.
2. Then, select the “Start-up” tab.
3. Click on the Microsoft OneDrive from the list and click the “Disable “option on the bottom right of the page.
4. Close the Task Manager and restart the computer.

Hide OneDrive

1. Right-click the OneDrive icon followed by the “more” option and click the ”settings” option.
2. Next, select the “Settings” tab and uncheck all the boxes under the General section.
3. Select the “Backup” tab and uncheck all boxes under Photos, Video, and Screenshots.
4. Open the “Account” tab and select the “Choose folders” option.
5. Uncheck all the boxes under “Sync your OneDrive files to this PC” and select the “OK” option.
6. Right-click the OneDrive icon again and open “Settings”.
7. Then, go to the “Account” tab and choose the “Unlink this PC” option.
8. Open the File Explorer and right-click on the OneDrive icon.
9. Select the “Properties” option.
10. Select the “General” tab and check the “Hidden” box to hide the OneDrive.
11. Click “Apply” followed by the “OK” option.

Most asked Questions

Question: Is it okay to disable Microsoft OneDrive in Windows 10?

Answers: OneDrive is built into Windows 10 and can’t be uninstalled completely. However, this cloud service can be stopped from running in the background or can be hidden.

Question: Is OneDrive safe to be used?

Answers: OneDrive is a reliable service to store your documents and pictures etc. Cloud service provides dual-factor authentication for a better security.

Question: How to disable OneDrive Pop-ups on Windows 7?

Answers: Do check out this https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/4f1799f3-0c39-4592-80b2-08f6b13c98ba/how-to-disable-onedrive-pop-ups-on-windows-7-machine?forum=officesetupdeploy as the steps are different from Windows 10.


Pop-ups are quite common issues in many software and apps but they can be fixed with a few simple steps. However, OneDrive Pop-ups are useful to those users who access this cloud service frequently. Therefore, there is an option for users to either choose to have the pop-ups or to stop them.

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