Why are there so many Microsoft visual C++ installed?

Microsoft Visual C++ is an Integrated Development Environment used to develop Windows application in the C, C++ and C++/CLI programming languages.

This product was initially launched as a standalone product of Microsoft Corporation but now it is part of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft Visual C++ has constantly evolved and gone through various improvements to create a good user interface.

Therefore, this has resulted in the existence of multiple versions of Microsoft Visual C++.

This program is widely used to develop websites, web services, web apps and mobile apps as Microsoft Visual C++ is program that has lots of flexibility in terms of mix managing codes with unmanaged code.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many versions of Microsoft Visual C++ in your computer?

That is because Microsoft Visual C++ is a package of files that is associated one another to run smoothly.

Hence, removing any of the files or version is not advisable as it will affect the whole software.

However, if users want to delete the software completely or reinstall here are the steps.

Steps to delete/uninstall all the versions of Microsoft Visual C++

1. Close all the opened programs.
2. Tap on the “Windows + R” key on keyboard simultaneously to open “Run” command.
3. Type in “Control Panel” then followed by “OK”.
4. Select “Uninstall a program” option below the “Programs” section.
5. Next, from the list of programs, select the version of Microsoft Visual C++ for your version of QuickBooks.
6. Then click “Uninstall”.
7. Finally, restart your computer.

Steps to install Microsoft Visual C++

Steps to install Microsoft Visual C++

1. Click this link to download the ARM64 version of Microsoft Visual C++ or select other suitable version from Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Docs.
2. Open the exe installer file from your downloads folder.
3. Then, click Install to start the installation.
4. Follow the onscreen prompts to install.
5. After the installation process, click “Close”, and the run-time package will be installed on your computer.

Commonly asked questions

Question: Will the redistributable of the Microsoft Visual C++ cause any harm to my computer?

Answer: Since the redistributable don’t take up much space it’s not going to cause harm to your computer in any way.

Question: Is Microsoft C++ compiler free?

Answer: For commercial projects, users can download and use Visual C++ for free which is limited to one to team of 5 users. For larger team users can purchase the premium version which provides license for every developer working on the project.


When one of the files is deleted, it might not affect if the file is not associated but if it is then it will affect the program. Identifying the associated files from the list of similar versions is hard so it is advised not to remove any of the files. Thus, having multiple files for Microsoft Visual C++ is common and it will not cause any harm to the computer as it takes less space

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