What Was the First Photo on Instagram?

Instagram become very popular and get the destination very soon. They got millions of active users and every user spent approximately 1 hour in a day.

Everyday people upload more and more photos on Instagram, but ever you think what’s the first photo on Instagram was.

Who uploads the photo? Don’t need to go anywhere else, here in this article we will discuss it.

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What Was the First Photo on Instagram?

The first image was uploaded by an American app developer and co-founder of Instagram. He is none other than Kevin Systrom.

What Was the First Photo on Instagram?

On July 16th he uploaded a photograph of a pappy and it soon change the world. The picture is also known as Tacos Chilakos and the foot fits Kevin Systrom according to the spokesman of Instagram.

We try to know the dog’s name but we didn’t find it anywhere. When the image gets viral all over the world the dog becomes a celebrity.

The picture appear in public on October 6th because at that time Instagram launched publicly. After launching insta Kevin continually upload photos on Instagram.


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