How do I transfer pictures from my android phone to a flash drive

Is your android phone storage full?  Well, if your phone storage capacity is full and you want to transfer some of those files to a flash drive, don’t worry this guide will help you get through it.

A lot of people have been experiencing the problem of sufficient storage capacity in their phones. Since we are living in the world of technology and every day we are having a new device in the tech world. For those who don’t know what a flash drive is, recall that a USB drive is what we call flash drive.

There are two methods in which you will be in a position to transfer photos and any other media from your phone to a flash drive:

  • Use of OTG cable.
  • Use of a laptop/computer.

Use of OTG cable

Use of OTG cable

So that you may be in a position to use a flash drive in your android phone, you must connect to a device known as OTG cable. This cable acts as a link to your smartphone’s port and that of flash drive. In other wordings, it acts as the link/mediator/channel.

It is advisable that you confirm your phone’s port before purchasing the OTG cable compatible with your phone.

These are the steps you are supposed to follow:

  • Connect the flash drive to your android phone via the OTG cable and wait for a pop up prompt to appear.
  • Click on the use the device to transfer media.
  • Next, select the photos that you would like to transfer from your phone to the flash drive.
  • Next, once you’ve selected the pictures of your choice, click on the three button option menu
  • Click “Copy files”
  • On your file manager, under external storage, create a new folder where you want to transfer your photos to.
  • Now, click on the paste option on that new folder you have created. Wait as the photos are being uploaded to your flash drive.
  • When the transfer process has ended, safely eject the flash drive from your phone.

Use of a laptop/computer

This is one of the old fashioned method that was used to transfer photos or rather any media from your phone to a flash drive. It is easy and a fast way to perform the operation.

These are the required steps:

  • You will first connect your android phone to your computer via a USB cable
  • Switch your phone’s android system to ‘transfer files’. By doing so, your phones media will be visible in the computer
  • Insert the flash drive in the computer
  • Click ‘This PC’ and tap your phone’s name under ‘Devices and Drives’
  • Click ‘internal storage’ of your phone and move to the folder where you would like to select your photos from.
  • Select the pictures of your choice and then, send them to your flash drive directly or you can copy them and paste them to the flash drive under devices and drives.

By doing so, you would have accomplished your main agenda safely and easily. It is remembered to safely eject the flash drive.


Which method is the best? That question it’s up to you to decide because at the end of the day, they are all taking you to the same destination. Thanks for reading my article, I hope can found it helpful.

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