Microsoft Teams how to see everyone?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform where it allows users to meet and communicate virtually.

This platform has allowed schools, companies, and organizations to cope up with issues like frequent lockdowns during the Covid- 19 pandemic.

That is because during the pandemic movement orders were frequently announced causing most of the companies and schools to operate from home.

Therefore, the usage of Microsoft Teams has escalated as this app provides interactive communication platform such as one-on-one chats, group chats, live video calls and direct calls under one app.

This has also given a chance to Microsoft Teams to improve the features and functions to enhance the user experience.

During live meetings and video calls users can see everyone under one screen which allows users to communicate better and to be more interactive.

Here is how you can see everyone in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Settings 

Microsoft Teams Settings

1. Open Microsoft Teams and host or join a meeting.
2. Click on the three dots icon on the top-right corner of the page.
3. Select the “Large Gallery” option.
4. Teams will now automatically display all the participants with enabled cameras.

Commonly asked questions.

Question: Team Meetings is not displaying all the participants even if its more than 10 participants in the meeting.

Answers: To fix this issue you can update your Teams by clicking your “Profile” followed by the “Check for Updates” option. Close the app and reopen. Make sure to choose the “Large Gallery” option during the meeting.

Question: What is the maximum number of participants in a meeting?

Answers: Microsoft Teams allows a maximum of 250 members in a meeting.

Question: Will I be able to see all the participants video at the same time?

Answers: If there is a total of 250 participants in the meeting you will only be able to see 49 participant s’ video at the same time. That is because it’s the maximum option available in the gallery view to maintain the audio and video quality.

Question: How can I change my video background during the Microsoft Meeting?

Answers: Click on the three dots icon then select the “Show background effects” option. Select the virtual background you want to choose and click apply.

Question: How can I Spotlight a video in Microsoft Teams?

Answers: To spotlight a video or pin a video right-click on the participant that you want to spotlight. Then, select the “spotlight” option.

Question: How can I enable the together mode in Microsoft Teams?

Answers: Tap on your user icon then click the “Settings “option. Under the General sections enable the toggle for “New Meeting Experience”. During the meeting with at least five participants click the three-dot Icon and select the “Together mode” option. Select the background of your choice followed by the “apply” option.


Constant upgrades made by Microsoft Teams on the apps has made meetings interesting and even more interactive. This is achieved through the various options provided by the app to view everyone during meetings. Check out How to create a team in Microsoft Teams

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