In What Way Can One Play Imessage Games On Android?

Do you know what is meant by iMessage? An iMessage is a messaging app that comes with iOS devices. This texting application allows one to send and receive messages as well as videos from snapchat and any other media to you friends owning an iOS device/gadget.

I know you are wondering how this messaging app is able to play games. Since its existence, the app has undergone significant changes and upgrade to a point of enabling the game mode feature to support playing games.

If you don’t have iOS device such as an iPhone, you can still be able to play these games in your android smartphone.

As said earlier, the iMesaging app was specifically designed for iOS users and not android users. Developers have been working day in day out to come up with a suitable way for providing the same app with android users.

The iMessage app was blended and cracked down to fit in android devices but through weMessage. This way, the weMessage is made up of closed messaging systems of iMessage over android platforms. It allows one to enjoy features like: group chats, sharing visuals, locations and attachmemnts.

Requirements for using the weMessage app

For one to be in a position to play these iMessage games on android, you need to install weMessage application on your android device. Consider the following requirements when installing the weMessage app:

  • Apple ID you used on your iMessage app.
  • Download and install the latest version of java.
  • The android phone should have an android OS of more than 5.0
  • Installation of the android phone should be done in your android phone.
  • A Mac with Mac operating System of 10.10 or higher.

Installing the weMessage app on your device

Installing the weMessage app on your device

Firstly, download  JDK (java development kit)onto your Mac computer.

Next, download weserver and then open a zip file with a dialog box asking you to launch weserver.

Enter your iMessage email address and create a new password for security purposes. You will then be granted permission to install the iMessage app in your android device and sync all your contacts.

Once you are done, you will be able to send messages from your android device to iMessage on Apple devices. If your messages will happen to appear in Blue Bubble, just know you are done.

Playing iMessage games

After following the above steps in getting the iMessage app to run and function fully in your android device, the user can easily get to know how these games are played.


This method is cost friendly, since there is no need of buying an Apple gadget to play those games. Experience the iOS features of gaming and messaging in your android device whenever you want to. Just use this guide and all will be great.

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