How to use custom fonts in google docs?

We do not often have to change the design of the text because we have certain Google Docs fonts. But we can easily change the text design by adding custom ones. In this post, I will discuss How to use custom fonts in google docs? Google Docs has a special option that allows you to use custom fonts. 

How to use custom fonts in google docs?

Google Docs has the option to use custom fonts and there is an option called add-ons that allows us to easily add custom fonts to Google Docs and use them as we need.

To use a custom font, you must first open your google docs page. And then click on an option called Add-ons in the menu bar. And when you click on Add-ons, a feature will come out. It has an option called Gate more Add-ons. Click on it and you will see that a new feature has come out.

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The new feature that you can still see in the search box is to type in the name of the “Extensis Fonts”, click on the search icon or Enter from the keyboard.

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In the search box, you will see a text with the name of the text you typed. When you click, another feature will appear. After installing the font, go back to the main page. Then click on the font again, then click on the Start option, click on it and add a new to use custom fonts in google docs

After installing custom fonts, you can make your writing more beautiful by using the new font as per your need. Writing design can be changed using custom fonts.

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