How to unblock camera on omegle on android

Before we start, do you know what Omegle is? Those who don’t know, Omegle is an online service that enables users to socialize with one another by chatting. People can interact with others freely without registering/ signing up with the site. Users who are on the site are paired promiscuously with one another. People can exchange texts, voice messages and video all together.

Are you wondering why this app is a socializing app but it’s not included under social apps in play store? Well, to narrow down, this platform does not require any personal data or information when using it.

If you have been using Omegle on in your android phone and you have interacted with a friend, suppose you want to send a picture to your friend, what will you do?

To use extra features of Omegle like video and voice, you should have a functional microphone and web camera.

  • On your Omegle home screen, click on the Adobe flash player settings window.
  • Tap the tab to allow camera functioning.
  • A list of options will be displayed on your screen in the video window.
  • To turn on the camera, tap the icon on your screen once.

To unblock your camera, follow the steps below:

Unblock your camera

  • On your mobile phone, Click to open Chrome app.
  • As soon as your app is launched, look at the top right corner of your app’s home screen and tap the three dots arranged vertically to display more options.
  • On the options displayed, scroll down and tap on site settings.
  • A new series of options will appear, click on microphone or camera.
  • To unblock your camera, tap on turn on Camera and microphone tab. Both your Microphone and Camera will be unblocked and can be used.

There are certain scenarios you may find out that the camera is still not functioning or the camera is not enabled. To overcome this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch your phone’s settings app.
  • Next, tap on the Apps and notifications tab.
  • Scroll down through the apps to choose the app you want to update.
  • On the right top corner of your app, tap on the permissions tab to display the various permissions the app wants.
  • Scroll down the options to choose the camera tab to enable permission.


To wind up, you can safely turn on the camera on Omegle whenever you want to send your pictures to a friend. Continue making new friends any time you feel like using Omegle site or app.

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