How to turn on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is a line of touchscreen-based personal computer and tablet products launched and developed by Microsoft company. The first product released under this series was the Microsoft Surface Hybrid tablet in year 2010.

One of the latest products released under this series is Surface Pro X which is an arm-based PC. Most of the products released under this series has an excellent display and is portable.

That is because the tablet products released under the Surface series are tablets with detachable keyboard, so it is travel friendly.

Setting up or starting the Microsoft Surface products is similar. If you are starting up your Microsoft Device for the first time, there are a few steps to be followed. Below are the steps to turn on Microsoft Surface.

Ways to set up a Microsoft Surface Device

1. Turn on the power button.

2.  When the setup tool prompts select the region you are currently staying. Then click on the “Yes” option.

3. Then, you’ll be asked if the keyboard layout suggested is the right one. If it’s not, find the right layout from the list and click “Yes” to proceed.

4. In the following page, you can add second keyboard layout. This is only necessary if you use different keyboards for different languages. Hence, if yes choose one from the list and proceed if you are not using a second keyboard then you may skip.

5.  In the following page if your Microsoft Surface comes with a Surface Pen follow the on-screen instructions and select “Next” option to proceed. You can skip this step if you don’t have the Surface pen.

6. Then, select a Wi-Fi network and enter the network’s password. Select “Next” to proceed.

7.  In the following page The Windows 10 License Agreement (or the latest version) will appear. Click “Accept” to proceed.

8. The next page asks whether you’re setting up your Surface device for personal or enterprise use. This guide is focused on personal devices, so select that and click the “Next”.

9.  In the following page key in your Microsoft account information like email and password then click on the “Next” to proceed.

10. Surface device supports Windows Hello facial recognition login so you’ll be asked to set it up. Select “Set up” to enable the feature or select “Skip for now”.

11.  Next, select Create PIN to continue.

12.  In the following prompt there will be several successive menus offering the choice to enable or opt-out of sharing your personal data for features and services. None of these features are compulsory, so you can decline them if you’re unsure what to do.

13. Then, there will be options to back up your files to the cloud with OneDrive. Select “Next” to enable this feature or select “Only save files to this PC” to skip it.

14.  Finally, once the settings are finalized the Windows 10 desktop will appear.

Commonly asked questions and answers

Questions: Can I connect the Surface Pen after setting up the Device?

Answers: Yes, during the setup process you can skip and pair the Surface Pen later.

Questions: Can I still enable facial recognition after setting it up?

Can I still enable facial recognition after setting it up

Answers: Facial recognition  feature can still be enabled.


Setting up or turning on the Microsoft Surface is an easy step as the prompts are displayed quite clearly.

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