How to turn off suggestions on google docs?

Google Docs is a very useful platform for writing. Because it has many benefits. We can use it to save important documents. And you can be used for many other purposes.

Now we will learn How to turn off suggestions on google docs? It is not a difficult task. You can do it whenever you want. A variety of techniques can be used to turn off automatic writing suggestions in Google Docs. Let’s see how we can do it.

How to turn off suggestions on google docs?

In Google Docs we write a lot of things. It has automatic writing or spelling correction suggestions while typing which makes it helpful to write. But sometimes it causes inconvenience.

Many people want to turn it off. So that the suggestions are not shown automatically. We have discussed in this article a way that you must find useful.

To turn off suggestions, first, you need to open the Google Docs page. Then look at the toolbar and see there is an option called Tools. Click on to turn off suggestions on google docs14-min

Now when you click on Tools, a feature will come out. If you look at the bottom of that feature, you will see that there is an option called Preferences. You have to click on to turn off suggestions on google docs2-min

You can see a new feature after clicking the difference. It has many options. Uncheck any of these options that you do not need. (Use smart quotes, Suggest action items. Automatically correct spelling, Show Smart Reply suggestions). how to turn off suggestions on google docs3-minWhen the work is done, you need to click on the OK button.

That’s it.


Automatic suggestions for writing are not necessary. You can easily turn them off and turn them on again in Google Docs if needed. You can also read this guide: How to add a hanging indent in google docs?

The instructions are very well presented in our article. We hope you can easily turn off suggestions by following the instructions. If you like our article, you can comment.

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