How To Turn Off Rtt On Android

You know what is meant by RTT? RTT is an abbreviation for real-time text. With this technology you will be able to send and receive text messages immediately as they are produced and received.

Why is RTT on your android phone?

Real-time text message lets you use text to communicate during a mobile phone call. This feature works with TTY and doesn’t require any additional accessories to interfere with the programs. The guide in this article may not fulfill the actual needs as per your android device since these devices differ. If you want to know whether you can use RTT in your phone, kindly confirm with your carrier.

Let’s have a look at the RTT options. These are some of the RTT Operation modes:

  • Visible during calls [checked]
  • Always visible (manual)
  • Always visible (Automatic)

This feature allows one to communicate during a phone call. Any call with an RTT, both the caller and receiver see an indicator that they are in RTT call.

Implementation of RTT on any android device

To perform this operation, you will need a modem or SoC provider because a modem supporting RTT is required. Well, back porting some of these Telephony framework fixes into android version of 8.0 and those of 9.0 for any update.

Back on our discussion, below are:

Steps that you will follow to turn off the RTT feature of android:

Net sanity parental controls on Android, you can restrict messaging and mobile phone calls for contacts on the device worldwide.

  • Click “Manage Devices” to open the device management page.
  • Click the“Messaging” tile in the upper navigation bar with a three dot.
  • For one to be able to receive a complete block of all text messages, click the “Disable SMS Messaging”

How do I get RTT off my phone?

How do I get RTT off my phone

  • Click on Apps then you can proceed to“Settings”may be accessed from any android home screen.
  • Select the General tab if you’re using tab view feature, since our android devices differ abit.
  • To access the hearing function you need to select“Accessibility” then Hearing from the drop-down menu
  • Next, you will be required to toggle the RTT Call switch to ON.
  • To select the RTT operation mode,you need to tap the RTT operation mode button once:
  • Next, choose Visible during calls. Always visible to enable mode.
  • Select the chosen option by tapping RTT on an outgoing call: Manual.

Since we have been using TTY on our discussion without defining the term, I think it’s time we get down to define this amazing feature.

The purpose of this feature on an android phone is to help people with hearing and speech difficulties to communicate. By its acronym, TTY stands for Text-to-voice. In today’s technology.


Having seen how you can turn off the RTT feature in your android phone, its time you implement or put into practice what you have learnt. I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

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