How to turn off double tap on android

Does your android phone use the double tap screen feature?  Well, if that’s the case, have you ever thought of a way you can turn off this feature? At times, no matter how good this feature might be, there are circumstances which will make you to dislike it.

Let’s say when your android device it’s in your pocket and it detects your skin and it double taps the screen, you will be annoyed when you find your phone processing things you didn’t initiate. This may as well trigger you want to turn off that feature.

Method 1:

Worry not; here is the guide that will help you turn off the double tap feature.

  • On your android’s home screen, tap to open the settings app.
  • On the options tab, Click “Advanced features”.
  • A series of options will appear, and then click on “motions and gestures”.
  • Scroll down through the options that will pop up and click on “Double tap to turn off screen”.
  • On clicking the option, it will either move to right to signify that the feature is on and vice versa.

Method 2: Turning off the accessibility option

This method can as well perform a similar task as the first method. On some android phones, there is an option under settings known as Accessibility. To turn off the double tap feature proceed as follows:

  • Open your phone’s settings app
  • On the settings option, click on “Accessibility” then,
  • Click on talk back option to display its features.
  • And this is how it works:
  • To turn the feature on-select use talkback
  • To turn off the feature-Select turn off talkback.
  • On the lower part of your phones screen click on the confirmation box and select OK.

Those who might be wondering what this talkback feature we have looked at is don’t worry because we are going to discuss it.

Talkback is an android feature that is designed to give a voice feedback to the user when turned on. Under many circumstances you might find that 90% of visually impaired people owning android smartphones use this feature in their daily routines.

A lot of people may find themselves using this feature maybe because you might have turned it on accidentally. Those people who might be having androids 8 and above can turn this feature off immediately.

Method 3: turn off all double click options.

Below are steps which you will follow to perform this operation:

  • Double tap to view all of your Apps.
  • Next, double tap on the Settings.
  • To scroll down the screen, use two fingers.
  • Proceed and double click on Accessibility.
  • On the option’s list, double click on Vision.
  • Double tap the voice Assistant option.
  • There are two options displayed on your screen, tap between ON and the blue slider.
  • Next, double click the Blue Slider to select it.


After a quick view into these three methods, it’s your time to choose which method you are going to apply first. The 3 methods are paramount.

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