How to turn off closed caption on android phone?

Do you watch movies in your android devices? Or have you ever streamed YouTube videos in your android device? If you happened to have done either of the two actions, you must have come across aCC abbreviation. CC meaning closed caption.

Let’s first try to understand what closed caption is.

What is captioning?

What is captioning

Using related samples, do you see some audio texts that normally appear when the video is playing? Well, those texts are what are called captions. Captioning is the process by which audio is Tran scripted to text. These captions allow viewers to follow up the video and audio easily. For a better understanding, people prefer to turn off the closed caption to enjoy the video.

How exactly are you going to turn off the closed caption? This article will help you do so.

Steps to turn off closed captions:

  • Open an online video either on YouTube, Netflix or any VLC player media to play on your android device.
  • As you will be playing the video, tap on any place on the screen to bring the video controls up.
  • At the bottom of your screen options, Select the closed caption (CC) option and click it once to display the CC menu.
  • To remove captions, select and tap on off option.

(Those who wish to make a few adjustments on how you would like your captions to appear like before turning the CC off, select settings and choose the style of your caption).

If your android device displays a different format of CC options, consider the following steps:

  • As you are watching the video of your choice, tap on the screen to display the menu buttons.
  • On the gear icon, tap the option.
  • Then tap on Subtitles and Captions. If it happens that the video you are watching or streaming does not support captioning, this option will not be displayed.
  • On captions, where you might have it as either in English or Spanish, turn it off.

Importance of Captioning

With technology rising, captioning has become more prominent to the whole society. People with hearing problems prefer to use the caption feature on their android device while playing these videos.  This progression won’t be on ease at any given time because videos are streamed every now and then. More programs have been posted on Netflix allowing people to navigate through them easily. Netflix streaming app also supports the CC feature.

People watch or stream videos for entertainment purposes, others stream educational videos like in

Watchingtutorials in YouTube,since 6% of our population is made up of deaf people; they are not left behind when it comes to the matter of watching these videos. That’s where the option of using captions comes in. For those who don’t have any problem in hearing, they can turn off the androids CC video playing option as it May sometime act as a distraction when viewing the video.

These captions are displayed on the screen therefore; one is encouraged to turn it off.

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