How To Stop Someone From Reading Your Text Messages On Android

You know that accessing someone else’s personal data is not healthy and acceptable. You as the witness, I can say that you always don’t want a person to have a look at your messages as soon as they pop up in your phone. Similarly, there are those creepy friends who get tempted to view your messages without your consent.

Well, we all deserve some privacy when it comes to personal matters like messages on our phones. If you are worried about unauthorized access to these messages in your phone, it’s time you calm down and be optimistic that this issue can be resolved. If you don’t want people to monitor your phone conversations, then you are in the right article.

Below are some of the methods you can use to prevent others from reading your text messages on your android phone:

Disabling the screen message lock

Disabling the screen message lock

It’s evidence that our mobile phones display all kind of notifications on the screen even if your phone is locked. Let’s say you are taking a shower and you have left your phone in the living room then you hear a notification alert sound in your phone, you won’t be comfortable since someone can just read the text by pushing down the notification bar.

To curb this: you will need to turn off the lock screen message so that people won’t read your messages.

1.Lock all messaging apps.

To do so, you need to understand that this method is one of the safest way to deal with this scenario. You might have protected your phone with either a password, pattern, pin or face recognition.

It is common that someone might have seen you performing this operation and gain access to your phone data without your consent. Therefore, it is important to include a lock mechanism to your messaging appsby creating a pin or password before opening the app. Keep in mind that, the app password provided should be unique.

2.Controlling apps permission manager.

We all know that our mobile phones contain different types of apps that we found them when buying the phone and others when installing them from Playstore. Some of these apps have the permission to access your messaging app secretly.

You should then be keen to know if there are such apps in your phone. If you find it difficult to detect, you can install an anti-spyware app from Google Play store called ClevGuard.

This app is able to detect which app in your phone has been granted the permission to read messages secretly and then you can change that permission setting of that app.


There are a lot of methods used to help one secure messages and data in his or her phone. These 3 methods will help you get started, but for those who like to try all possible ways, worry not because we will be picking up this article from here.

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