How to split a table in google docs?

Creating a table in Google Docs is a very simple task. We can easily create tables in Google Docs if we want. But there are no tools to split Google’s table in two. For which you need to manually split the table into two parts. In today’s article, we will show you How to split a table in google docs? All you have to do is do it.

How to split a table in google docs?

First, you have to open the Google Docs page. Then you have to create a table there and when you have written the required information in each cell of the table.

Notes: To create a table, first click on the Insert button, then you will see a feature. Click on an option called Table or move the mouse pointer over it. From there another feature will appear. From there select 4 columns and four rows. Then write the necessary text inside it, then the table will be to split a table in google docs Untitled

Now, Select the two rows you want to split into two parts. Then press Ctrl+X. Then all you have to do now is click at the end of the last line of the table with the cursor pointer and press Enter button. You can see a little space will be created by yourself. Then you have to click on free space and press Ctrl+V. Now you can see that your table is split into two to split a table in google docs

Suppose you want to use four columns and four rows on a table. Now if you split those four rows into two parts, 2 will be on the table one by one. Then separate the last two rows by pressing Ctrl+X. Then click on the cursor pointer at the end of the table and press Enter. Now press Ctrl+V. That’s it.

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Splitting a table is a very easy task that you can understand by reading this article. We hope you enjoy reading this article. Please leave a comment below.

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