How to share a post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online platform primarily focusing on professional networking and career development and is owned by Microsoft as of 2016.

This platform is available in both web and app versions. LinkedIn is an actively growing platform as the services provided are constantly enhanced for users to have a better experience.

Initially, it was an app mainly focusing on creating a platform to connect job seekers and employers.

However, now LinkedIn provides various other services such as sharing thoughts on professional and factual topics as well as inviting other LinkedIn members to an event, etc.

Therefore, to do so LinkedIn provides features and functions for users to share posts and include captions.

This opens more opportunities for LinkedIn members to network and connect with other members. Here are a few methods on How to share a post on LinkedIn.

Steps to start a post.

1. Open LinkedIn.
2. At the homepage click on the “start a post” at the top of the page.
3. Select one of the options “photos, video, event, write article” to choose the type of content you are going to share.
4. Once the contents or materials have been written or uploaded click the “Add” icon.

Steps to re-share posts

1. Open LinkedIn
2. Click the “Share” option under the post you want to share.
3. Then, in the Share popup, write a comment to share your thoughts or use “@” to mention people, companies, or schools. You can also use a hashtag (#).
4. Select who you want to share the post with.
5. Click Post on the bottom-right corner.

Steps to share posts privately

1. Open LinkedIn
2. Select the More icon on the top-right of the post you want to share.
3. Click the “Send in a private Message” option from the dropdown.
4. Type the name of the recipient in the Type a name or multiple names space.
5. You can also add in a message in the Write a message space.
6. Then, click the “Send” option.

Commonly asked questions

Question: How to change the visibility of posts on LinkedIn?

Answer: Users can choose the audience of the post by clicking the dropdown arrow below your name in sharing box which shows the 5 options of post visibility.

Question: What is the maximum connection I can have on LinkedIn?

What is the maximum connection I can have on LinkedIn

Answer: The maximum number of connections you can have is 30,000 but new users will still be able to follow you.

Question: How can hide my LinkedIn Activity from everyone?

Answer: To hide your Linked activity open the “Settings & Privacy” option at the top right of the homepage. Next, scroll down to Profile Viewing Options and choose one from the list.


LinkedIn provides an easy-to-use interface that allows people to communicate and network effectively.

This platform allows users to share various types of pf content and materials which allows them to send social messages, promote events and start a discussion on the positive topics.

These features will allow users to create a positive impact on the LinkedIn community.

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