How to send voice message on iphone to android

Are you an iPhone user? Well, have you ever tried to send an audio message to your android friend? Typing a long message is tiresome, especially when you are worn out or feeling somehow dizzy.

Therefore, iOS devices support the audio feature that enables phones like iPhones to send audio messages. Can you send an audio message from my iPhone to my android friend?

YES, this article is the best item for you if you want perform that task. On the receiving end, the recipient will be able to play and listen to the song after a span of two minutes. This is due to the default setting feature that causes the audio message to expire in two minutes. Someone can still change that setting in your iPhone’s settings app.

  • On your screen, tap on “Messaging” and then you can scroll down to “Audio Messages”.
  • Next, to change the default expiration time from two minutes to your choice, tap on one of the options labeled as “Expire”.

If you want to send an audio message to android user and you have an iPhone, go to your phone and open the Voice Memo app. This special app is designed specifically for any iPhone.

Steps on how to send the voice message:

  • Step1: On your phone’s app, click to open the Messages app.
  • Step 2: On your messages home screen, click “new conversation” or start a conversation with someone.
  • Step 3: (you can also use a friend’s chat to test this operation). Press and hold the mic icon that has a speaker label. This is done when you want to use the voice message feature of iOS.
  • Step 4: Start recording your voice message when your finger is still on the press and hold on the mic icon.
  • Step 5: Once you finish recording your song, click on the send option as you release the microphone.

On the receiving end, what will happen to your android friend?

We are going to see some of the steps he can follow to activate the voice text:

  • On your android’s home screen, navigate towards the Apps icon “Settings”
  • Click to open Settings app in your android then scroll down the options and tap “Language & input” option and since because our androids phones are not of the same versions, other phone’s option might include the “Language & keyboard” function.
  • Tap Google keyboard on your screen keyboard.
  • Next, tap Preferencesoption.
  • As you wind up, you can now tap the Voice input key switch so that you can turn it on/off.


As you will be texting your friend who has an iPhone, sending the message in form of a voice message is easy and fast.  With a click on the send button, the voice message is send right away. The same process becomes more complex when it comes to your android friend.

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