How to send Microsoft Teams meeting Invite

How to send Microsoft Teams meeting Invite

Microsoft Teams is a communication-based platforms launched by the Microsoft under the Microsoft 365 line of products in 2016. This product is widely used for various purposes such as online events, business meetings and to conduct classes.

Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic the usage of this product has escalated and became prominent to combat the pandemic. This software offers various services through the various features for a better user experience. Apart from that, users can also have a live video conference with up to 250 users per session. Moreover, this software also provides features for productivity such as scheduling meetings and distributing meeting links systematically.

As mentioned, Microsoft Teams allows the host or the It admins to send meetings links to the audience or participants. There are two options the user can either schedule a meeting in hand or start an instant meeting.

To schedule a meeting the user can fix a specific time and date in the calendar provided by the Microsoft teams, or they can share the meeting link instantly. For the participants the user can either send the link especially to the email address or create a channel.

How to send Microsoft Teams Meeting Invite

Sharing instant meeting links.
Step 1: To start a meeting instantly click the calendar icon on the left panel
Step 2: Then to send the link to the participant (including the participants who don’t have teams license) go to the add required attendee’s space.
Step 3: Type their full email address.
Step 4: However, if the user were to create a channel meeting go to the add channel space.
Step 5: Add their names for the meeting invitation to be sent simultaneously to all the members.
Step 6: Add details other details like the duration of the meeting.
Step 7: Then click save at the top of the page.

Sharing scheduled meeting links

Step 1: To schedule a meeting click schedule meeting option on the top right of the screen.
Step 2: Then to send meeting link to specific people go to the required attendee’s space.
Step 3: Type their full email address in that space.
Step 4: To share channelled scheduled meeting links select add new event option at the top of the calendar.
Step 5: Click and drag the cursor on the calendar to schedule the time and date.
Step 6: Then click save at the top of the page.

Common questions asked.

Questions: Can I send the link to people who don’t have the Microsoft Teams licence?

Answers: Yes, links can be sent too anyone who has an email address.

Questions: For how long a meeting link that has been created previously can be reused for future?

Answers: The link will be active for a maximum 60 days. However. It will be automatically renewed if anyone uses it on the 59Th day before expiration for another 60 days.

There are two options for the user to share the meeting link to the participants either specially through their email address or by creating a channel which makes it unique compare other similar communication platforms.

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