How to screen share on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication-based product and it is widely used in various fields such as education, business organization, and personal as use well. Especially in the past few years due to the global pandemic the usage of this platform has escalated.

Microsoft Teams is launched first by the Microsoft under the Office 365 which is a suite of apps and now it can also be obtained as a standalone product.

This software provides various types of communication channel such as making calls, live video calls, one to one chats and group chats etc.

Therefore, it has become a suitable platform for a wide variety of purpose and events such as to conduct classes, business meetings, entertainment events etc.

Screen sharing is also called as desktop sharing which refers to the action of sharing your screen with another device or multiple devices at the same time. In this process other device users will be able to the see the content of your screen. Screen sharing is a vital function for many reasons such as it allows teachers or educators to teach their students and share knowledge.

Apart from that, companies can present their presentations to their clients or investors conveniently. Microsoft Teams provides this function and accessibility to its users. Here are the steps to share screen in Microsoft Teams.

Ways to share screen in Microsoft Teams.

Ways to share screen in Microsoft Teams

1. Open the Microsoft Teams then join a meeting or start a meeting.
2.  Then, click on the “Share content” option, located next to the “Leave” button.
4.  Next, a menu pops up at the bottom of the screen with the options of pages to be shared. Select the page you wish to share.
5.  Then. Your screen will begin sharing. The screen is shared when you can see a border around the page you are sharing.
6. At the top of the screen while you are sharing the screen there will be a few options like “Give Control” and “Stop Presenting” option. Select “Give Control” option to let other users control the screen. Select “Stop Presenting” option to stop sharing your screen.

Commonly asked questions and answers

Question: Why can’t I see the option to share the whiteboard during meetings?

Answer: Microsoft Whiteboard feature is available by default but if the administrator disables it can’t accessed by the members 

Question: Microsoft Teams Won’t Share on Windows. How to fix?

Answer: This could happen due to low bandwidth issue especially if you are using 4K display. To resolve this issue open settings then click on the “systems” option. Next, click “display” option followed by “display resolution”. Then, choose a lower resolution then the current one applied.


Share screen option communication platforms like Microsoft Teams is vital as this will be able to stimulate face-to face presentations, classes, and meetings. Procedure to share screen in Microsoft Teams is easy and straight forward as this software has an easy user interface.

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