How to Save a Draft in Gmail

We are always writing emails in Gmail, but how do you save a draft when there is no “save” button?

You can use simple tricks to save your email as a draft. However, if you accidentally close it and need to edit it again, how do you find that draft?

How to Save a Draft in Gmail

Quick Answer: Saving drafts in Gmail is easy. If you stop typing and editing for a few seconds, the system will automatically save a draft. To find your drafts, select the Drafts folder.

If you want to know more see the step guide.

Gmail is a free email service from Google that lets you access your inbox from anywhere.

You can send and receive messages, manage multiple accounts, and find what you need quickly with just a few clicks.

But did you know there’s an easy way to save drafts in Gmail? It’s true! And it only takes five steps.

Follow the Procedure:

Step 1: First, click the “Compose” button at the top of Gmail.

click the "Compose" button

Step 2: Just start by composing an email like you normally would once you’re done typing in whatever message you want.

start by composing an email like you normally would once you're done

Step 3: Then, click on this little “X” bar near the top right corner of the new message window or you can also use the “ESC” key.

click on this little “X” bar

Step 4: After that close left click on “Mouse” and then go over in the draft folder on the left side “Label Menu”.

draft folder on the left side

Step 5: Here you see your Draft has been saved.

draft message

That’s it.

Note: You’ll be able to edit any time by clicking on a draft email message with red “draft” text.


As you can see, saving a draft is easy to do. Just press the “X button” button and then go back into your drafts folder in Gmail. To find it, just click on “Drafts” in the left section.

Have any other tricks for saving drafts? Let me know in the comment below and I’ll add them to this post.

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