How to remove headphone icon on android

Have you ever used a headphone in your android phone?  What’s your first impression and action you take when you experience some problems while using the headphones? Most of our android phones are prone to get stuck in headphone mode. This prevents the user from playing any songs or videos in loudspeaker.

This is a very challenging problem especially if it’s your first time to happen to you. Don’t worry; this article will help you know how you can remove the headphone icon on android.

In many scenarios, you will find that, the headphone icon is still present in the status bar even if you didn’t plugin a headphone to your phone. This issue may get worse that you may not be able to receive any calls.

Tip 1:  Restart your phone.

This is one of the easiest and fast ways to remove headphone icon on your android phone. In most cases, whenever you are restarting your phone, the phone resets the hardware stateautomatically and fixes all possible software problems thatmight have caused the problem.

The simplest solution on how you can remove headphone icon in your android phone is by rebooting your phone. This helps solve some of the technical issues.

Below is the procedure on how to restart your phone:

  • Firstly, Insert the headphone in your phone and then unplug the headphone gently.
  • Secondly, long-press the “Power button” of your phoneuntil you sees a pop up power menu.
  • Thirdly, after seeing the pop up power menu on your screen, tap the “Restart”option (or swipe to it depending on your phone since android devices might differ a bit.
  • Your android device will automatically restart and you will be required to unlock your phone to access the phone, and then see if theheadphone icon is still there.

Well, assuming that didn’t work for some of us, simply because our android versions are not the same. We still have another way to fix that.

Tip 2: Reinsert and remove the headphone.

Reinsert and remove the headphone

How will you be able to remove headphone icon on yourAndroid phone if restarting the phone didn’t work as expected? Well, the next simple solution that will solve your issue is toreinsert and remove your headphone repeatedly.

That sounds like a crazy and stupid idea, but it in results it works much better as it does not need you to power off your gadget. To resend the appropriate signal needed to your phone’s system, you will need to Plug in and pull out the headphone from your phone several times.

So, don’t be worried simply because the first solution didn’t fix the issue on your phone, here’s how you can remove the headphone symbol from your phone:

  • Plug in the headphone into the phone’s jack.
  • As you check the headphone icon on your screen, try to gently roll the headphone plug inside the jack.
  • Then, you can now unplug the headphone slowly.
  • Repeat the above steps several times to see if the headphone icon has been removed.
  • We still recommend you restart your phone after three attempts to refresh the hardware once.


If both tips didn’t remove the headphone icon on your phone, don’t worry, you can clean the headphone port and try the two tips once again.

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