How to remove congratulations you won virus android

We all surf through the internet, right? If that is the case, you must have come across a very exciting pop-up message on your android screen. This pop up is usually a “Congratulations, you won” message. This kind message tricks users that they have, ” gift vouchers, iPhone, Tv’s, Car, iPad, money and more others.

When you will click on the item you’ve won, it will redirect you to fill a certain question. Some of these questionnaires we require you to tick its boxes while others will want you to fill in your information. These messages appear with recognized company logos to deceive you. The moment you start feeding your information in that questionnaire tab, the owner of these scam messages will record your data from you.

Sure thing! you filled your information but you didn’t receive your prize/item. Could you be wondering how you can get rid of these messages once you start browsing through the internet?

Don’t worry, this article will show you a way that you can remove these congratulations Scam messages in your phone.

Deleting third-party applications from your phone.

These congratulations you’ve won messages come as a virus to destroy your phone in many ways. Below are some of the steps you can follow to prevent them from destroying your phone:

  • On your phone, Go to settings.
  • Once you’ve launched your Settings app, on top of your screen, click on the app section tab.
  • Scroll down through the apps, as you check some of the apps that you’ve installed recently such as Opera mini, chrome and others.
  • After you have identified and selected the app, proceed and uninstall the app.

Similarly, if you can’t uninstall the app, you can Stop it, clear data or remove cookies from the app. By doing so, you will have removed the virus from your android device. It’s common in an all-android device as they come with google chrome app installed. This app is greatly used by malicious people to spread the virus.

Deleting app data and cookies

Deleting app data and cookies

Do you know how you can delete the data and cookies from your app? These are the steps you will follow in your phone:

  • Open your phone settings app to access the application manager tab. it’s just on the top left side on your screen.
  • To find your app (Chrome), click on the downloaded apps/ files and tap chrome.
  • Information browser will be displayed on your screen.
  • On the left side of your screen, click on the Force stop tab to stop the app. Similarly, select clear data option tab on your screen to erase the app’s data.

After following these two methods, the last and common step to remember is, Restarting your phone.

To restart your phone fast:

  • Press and hold your phone’s power button to release a list of actions to perform on your phone.
  • Click on Restart option displayed on your screen. Other phones may refer it as Reboot.
  • Your phone will restart (shut down and power on automatically).
  • Once your phone has restarted, your actions will be well updated.


A key point to note is that you should avoid downloading apps or files from untrusted sources that are not licensed or approved by google Play store.

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