How to Record a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams is one of the communication platforms launched by the Microsoft Cooperation in November 2016. This product is widely used by businesses especially during this Covid-19 pandemic the usage of this product to conduct meetings has escalated to reduce face-to face interactions.

This software offers various functions to the users such as both one-on-one and group chat options. Apart from that, users can also have live video conference with up to 250 users per session. These features of the software have allowed companies to run smoothly in terms of the daily operation of businesses as it provides a platform to communicate.

This software also allows both the host and participant (enabled by an IT admin) of the meeting to record the video conferencing for record and reference purposes with the permission of the participants. Although other videoconferencing platforms like Google Meet and Webex do have the similar option to record the meeting, the method differs.

Here are a few steps to record and stop recording the meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Ways to record a meeting in the Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Start or join the Microsoft Team Meeting.
Step 2: At the top right of the page click the three dots.
Step 3: Then select start recording option when a command box pops-up.

Steps to stop recording

Step 1: At the top right of the page click the three dots.
Step 3: Then select stop recording option at the bottom of the command box.

Common questions asked

Question: How to retrieve the meeting recording?

How to retrieve the meeting recording

Answer: The recordings of a channel meeting will be saved in the SharePoint or other then that it will be saved in the OneDrive by default.

Question: Can the admin change the destination of the meeting recordings?
Answer: No, the admin cannot change where the recordings go as the recordings are stored by default.

Question: Who has the permission to view the meeting recording?

Answer: For Non-channel meetings all the members of the meetings except for the external users will receive a link of the meeting recording via email. Whereas, for the channel meetings to view the recording permissions must be obtained from the host or the original members list in the channel.

Question: What is the time limit of a recording in Microsoft Teams meeting?

Answer: The recording time is based on the storage amount allocated per license user. For instance, Microsoft stream tenants gets an allocation of 500GB storage where for 1 hour 400 GB is required.

The steps to record a meeting in Microsoft Teams is very simple as the options are quite straight forward. However, in terms of the recording period there are limitations based on the allocations of storage.

Apart from that, the destination of the recording is not in the hands of the admin as it is a default setting so the destination cannot be modified. There are two possible destinations to retrieve recordings of the meeting its either in the SharePoint or OneDrive.

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