How to put 1 inch margins on google docs?

How to put 1 inch margins on google docs? You will get the answer in this article. Just read this post top to bottom. Giving a 1-inch margin to any page in Google Docs is a very simple matter. You can do it very easily if you want. You need to spend a little time doing it.

How to put 1 inch margins on google docs?

Google docs have several options to 1-inch margins. Open the page or document on which you want to give 1-inch margins. Then click on “File” in the menu bar at the top of the page. After clicking, a feature will come out. Look at the bottom or scroll your mouse to put 1 inch margins on google docs Untitled

Or Move the mouse pointer to the very bottom of the feature you could see. You can see the language is written above the page setup option. Just below that there is an option called Page Setup. Now all you have to do is click on the option called Page Setup.

Clicking on Page Setup will bring up a new feature. There are some options in that feature. Among them, there is an option called Margin. Note that in that feature, you have to put 1 in each option called “Top, Bottom, Right and Left. Then the margin of your page will be bordered space by 1 inch. Then you have to use the margin of one inch by clicking on the OK to put 1 inch margins on google docsn

In shortlisting: File>Page Setup>(put 1 “Top, Bottom, Right and Left) and OK.

We tried to present this in a way through the screenshots and text. By following it, you can easily put 1-inch margins.

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Putting 1-inch margins is a very easy task that you can understand by reading this article. We hope you enjoy reading this article. Because in this article we have tried to highlight the effective method. You can share it with your friends if you like it.

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