How to play music through usb on android phone

Do you know you can play music in your android phone using a USB device?

Have you ever connected your android device to an external USB? Suppose you want to play some music but your phone storage is full and you have a USB device, how will you do it? Don’t worry, this article will help you know how you can play music from USB device.

Since technology is growing fast, we can now connect a USB device to your android phone directly via an OTG. When someone wants to use a flash drive in their phone, they can connect it using an OTG device.

Connecting your USB device to your phone

Connecting your USB device to your phone

Before you connect your phone to a USB drive, look closely and identify the type of port in your phone.  Furthermore, check whether your android device supports an OTG device. Some androids may not be in a position to function fully or may not be compatible with an OTG device. Therefore, you need to be sure if your android device is an OTG host before you purchase the cable.

Below are some of the steps you will follow to connect your android device.

  • Buy a USB OTG cable in any electronics shop.
  • On end side of the micro-USB connector, plug in your flash drive.
  • On the other end of the adapter, plug in your android phone.
  • On your phone’s screen, drag the notification bar from the top.
  • Tap the USB drive option to display more options on what to do to your device.
  • Next, to view your phone files, tap on the Internal storage.

Play music from your USB drive.

When you are done setting up your USB drive in your android phone, you can follow the steps below to know how you will play your favorite songs:

  • Open your file manager app in your phone.
  • If you will be asked to grant permission to your phone to access the hard drive.
  • Scroll down the folders and tap the music tab to display a list of music from your USB drive.
  • Select the song of your choice and double tap to open.
  • Similarly, you can click on the three dots on your right side of your screen to choose the type of music app you want to use.

On the other end, you can as well use any music app in your phone. To access the songs in your USB device, click on the media option in your app and scroll down the options. Tap on the “Play from” option to select From SD card. By doing so, all songs in your USB device will be displayed.

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