How To Pin Someone On Snapchat Android

How To Pin Someone On Snapchat Android

Are you eager to know how to pin someone on Snapchat? You are at the right place. By the time you finish reading this article, I believe you would have acquired the required skills to perform the operation.

Snapchat has become one of the world’s greatest chatting site where friends can interact and share ideas in their daily lives. Have you ever experienced a lot of people snapchatting you for a long time?

Well, this scenario makes you miss the conversations you were having with your close friends. Instead of scrolling down through your snaps, there is a feature called Pin that acts on the conversations by bringing the chat to the top of chat screen.

For those who still don’t know how snap works or what Snapchat is, worry not because I’m bringing a sense into it. Snapchat is one of the social media platforms where people can connect with friends, family or rather new friends through chatting.

Having said that, it’s time we have a look at how to pin someone’s conversation on Snapchat using an android phone.

Well, pinning these conversations is not a difficult task as many of you might think. The only challenge that comes in is that this feature is only found in iOS mobile phones like iPhone. Basing on our discussion, we can still perform the same process using android mobile phones. Unfortunately, the pinning feature of Snapchat is only available for iPhone users only. This does not prevent android users from pinning the conversations of their loved ones.

Here are a few steps to help you pin conversations in snapchat:

  1. From your snap Chat screen, under friends screen, long press the friends name until some operations pop up on your screen.
  2. From the pop up dialog menu, tap more.
  3. After tapping the more tab, you will see an option named “pin conversation” then tap it to apply the feature.

A quick review to keep in mind is that, your contacts are notified when you pin or unpin their conversations.                  Pinning people allows one to separate important chats from the normal ones therefore giving someone a humble time to send messages easily and with no delays.

No that you have pinned someone’s conversation on the top of your chat screen, what will you do if you want to unpin him/her/them? In most cases since we are human beings, there comes a time when these relationships change drastically that you don’t even want to see these people at the top of your chat screen.

So, to unpin them you will:

  1. Long press the friends name that you would like to remove it from your top chat.
  2. Tap “more options”
  3. Select “unpin conversation”

The contact name will varnish and return to its original location and the person involved will receive a notification that you have unpinned them.

If you are new to pinning someone in snapchat, follow the steps given on this article.

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