How to make two columns in google docs?

Writing in Google Docs is as easy as splitting it into 2 columns. When we write a lot of lines in Google Docs and want to split them into two columns but don’t know how to do it. Many of us want to know how to make two columns in google docs. So now I will show you how it is possible.

How to make two columns in google docs?

Google Docs is a writing medium so that you can do your official or personal work very easily. Google Docs has many great options for sorting text that can be used to make two columns of your text for more interesting. Arranging texts often requires splitting into two columns, which we can do in Google Docs.

So let me show you how…

  1. Open the page in which you have written the article or something in Google Docs.
  2. Then select the articles you want to divide into two columns.
  3. When the text is selected, notice in the Google Docs bar that there are many options. You will see an option called Format in that feature, you have to click on to make two columns in google docs1
  4. Move the mouse pointer over the feature called the Column option that will come out when you click on the Format option or click on to make two columns in google docs2
  5. You can go to the column option and see the column picture. This Column Icon picture has an icon of splitting the text into two columns. Click on it.

Then you can see that your writings are divided into two columns. It is very simple, I know you can do it.

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