How to Make Photo Fit on Instagram

Following this simple step help you make a photo fit on your Instagram. Why do you crop your photo in square size when you can apt it all.

Though photo fit makes a photo more realistic and gorgeous. That’s why this feature is very significant for every Instagram influencer.

If you famine to apt your image on Instagram you must modify your picture before posting. Otherwise, Instagram routinely crop your image to a standard size.

In this guide, we will clarify to you how to make photos fit on Instagram. Just follow our below step.

How to Make Photo Fit on Instagram

To make your photo fit first, open Instagram to your device. Then click on the Plus + sign icon from the menu. Then select the image you want to upload.

How to Make Photo Fit on Instagram

Here you can see Instagram already crop the image in a square shape. Click on expand arrow from the left down menu and select 4:5.

When all is done click the next option. If you need to add a filter or adjustment then you can do it here. Then press on next icon.

How to Make Photo Fit on Instagram

Now write your caption add your location and shear your post.

After a while, your post will appear in your feed. Now your picture will seem on Instagram deprived of no reap.


This guide will work for likeness picture and video on Instagram. Hope this guide helps you to hurry up your social effort flow and it will increase your audience.

If you have any doubt about this guide or about Instagram then fell free to tell us. We try to answer your question.

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