How to make calls go straight to voicemail on android

Have you ever heard of a voicemail Phonecall? Well, have you ever been in a scenario where you don’t feel like talking to someone, maybe because you guys were having a hard time together.

Let’s say you were in an important meeting in an organization or you were in the theatre room and you simply didn’t wish to talk to ant of the people.

The person making the call will have the option to leave a voice message, and you won’t have to speak with him directly instead the voice message will be saved.

The receiver will be able to listen to that voice mail once you turn on the phone. Similarly, you can make a phone call go straight to voice mail if you set your cell phone to do so.

Let’s say that a person is calling you right away, you can send him to voice mail, though he will hear a ring or two on his end first before reaching the voicemail

  • Step 1: If your phone is on, please turn it off. By doing so, all other incoming calls will switch directly to voice mail.In most circumstances, the cell-phone carriers don’t hear any rings.
  • Step 2: This scenario happens when your phone is on. As soon as someone calls your phone, just tap the decline option. Since our android devices differ, other phones may have it as “ignore”, others have it as “end call”. The moment you will hit this button, the caller is sent directly to your voice mail. No one is able to hear the additional rings other than the message.
  • Step 3: Reducing your cell phone volume using the volume button. When you press the volume button when a call enter your phone, you won’t hear any further rings and the caller will be send to voice mail. The call will continue hearing the rings for a while then find him/her in voice mail at long last.
  • Step 4: Forwarding your phone calls directly to voice mail. Call forwarding is evidence in any of the service providers. When you forward these calls, your callers will be sent directly to your voice mail. Generally speaking, neitherof parties involved hears any rings. The call forwarding instructions vary from carrier to carrier. Be aware that when you will be forwarding these calls to voice mails incurs additional charges on your monthly bill.
  • Step 5: Use a direct to voice mail calling service if you wish to reach someone’s voice mail directly. To be able to do this, you must first dial the service’s phone number followed by the phone number you wish to reach. You’ll then be sent redirected to the person’s voice mail. This service is free, though you are required to listen to an advertisement before you are put through to the voice mail.


Having looked at the different approaches you can follow to make your phone calls go straight to voice mail, its time you use this guide to help others deal with their busy phones during meetings and more others.

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