How to make a running head in google docs?

We basically create this when we write a title on a page and we can use the header. If we want to put the same title on each page. We can use a headline on each page in Google Docs. And we can use a separate headline for each position. In today’s article, we will learn How to make a running head in google docs?

How to make a running head in google docs?

The importance of headers can be used to highlight an article with many headers. Making a running head can help you understand a page’s identity. Because what you are talking about can be understood to look at the header. Here is a simple way to make a running header and text and screenshots for you.

No special knowledge is required to make a running head. You can easily do this in Google Docs and all you have to click on a button called Insert. You will see it in the top menu bar of the Google Docs to make a running head in google docs1

After clicking on the Insert button, there is an option called Header & Footer. Click on it. Then a feature will come out. There are two options called Header or Footer. You have to click on the Header. Then you can see that a running header has been added to the main page.

You can enter the required title in it. Then click on the different first-page or click on the empty space at the bottom of the page. Then you can see that it has been added to each of your pages.

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