How to make a poster on google docs?

You can create any poster you want on the Google Docs page. Now time to tell you how to make a poster on google docs. You do not need Photoshop or any other tools for this. You can create posters using the Google Docs feature very easily. Because Google Docs has many features or options that can be used to create beautiful posters.

How to make a poster on google docs?

Creating a poster in Google Docs is a very easy task. You can easily understand this by reading this article. To create a poster you must have an idea about Drawing.

All you have to do now to create a Google Docs poster is to first open Google Drive.
When Google Drive opens, click on the New option and see below. There is a feature called Google Docs. Click on it.
When the Google Docs page opens, it is a blank page.

A blank page has an option called Insert in the top bar. Click on it.   how to make a poster on google docs1When you click on it, you will see that another feature has come out. There is an option called Drawing in that feature. how to make a poster on google docs2Clicking on that drawing will bring up another feature. There is an option called New. how to make a poster on google docs3Now Click on it.

When you click on the new option, another feature will come out.

There are enough tools to create a poster. You can use the tools you want to create the poster and save it.
When you have finished creating the poster, you will see a button called Save and Close at the top of the drawing page. how to make a poster on google docs4Click on it to get the job done.

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