How to make a menu in Microsoft word

Microsoft Word is one of the prominent and widely used word processing software that was first released in 1938 as Multi-Tool Word. Since then, this software has evolved and improvised for a better user experience.

This software can be bought as a standalone product for the premium version that has extra features and functions as the free version only provides basic features. Microsoft Word is also a component of Microsoft Office 365 which is a suite of apps that also provides other platforms such as PowerPoint and SharePoint etc.

Microsoft Words provides a clear and easy-to-use user interface.

This software provides various templates ready to be used such as resumes, reports, invitations, and menus etc. This word processor includes a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) display which ensures that everything displayed on screen appears the same way when moved to another program or format or printed.

Hence, producing documents like menus in Word is convenient and reliable. Below are the steps to create a menu in Word.

Creating menu with templates provided.

Step 1: Open Words.
Step 2: Then at the home screen click the ‘More templates” option on the far right of the screen.
Step 3: In the following page type “Menu” at the search space provided and click the search icon.
Step 4: There will be multiple options of menu template with different styles to choose from. Choose and Click on a template.
Step 5: After choosing at the next page click “Create” option.
Step 6: Next you can edit the content and add images to your menu template.
Step 7: Finally, name the document and save it. The menu is ready to be used.

Creating a menu from a blank document

Creating a menu from a blank document

Step 1: Open Words.
Step 2: Select new document option.
Step 3: The content of the menu can be typed down using the functions provided in the Ribbon to choose font types, color, and size.
Step 4: To add tables select “Insert” option then click tables.
Step 5: To insert images select “Insert” option then click on the arrow below the picture option to choose the picture from the device or stock images or online pictures.
Step 6: Finally, name the document and save it. The menu is ready to be used.

Commonly asked questions.

Question: How can I edit the text of the templates?

Answers: First click on the text of the template then remove it to add your content. Next, highlight your content and change the font and style using the features provided in the Ribbon.

Question: How can I print the document from Word?

Answers: Click the “files” option on the far left of the page. Then click the “Print” option and edit the type of the page at the settings. Next, choose the number of copies before clicking the print icon.

Question: Are the provided Word templates free of charges?

Answers: Microsoft Word provides a variety of Word templates for free.

Microsoft Word provides a variety of professional templates for various purposes, and it is free. So, using the platform to create documents like Menu is convenient and time saving.

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