How to make a header in google docs?

The topic of our discussion today is how to make a header in google docs. When we write an article we need to put a header in it. If we want we can use the same header on each page and we can use different headers for each page. How to do it can be seen below.

How to make a header in google docs?

In Google Docs, you can create headers on any page you want. It depends on your desire. If you think that you will use a specific headline for each page, then it is possible. Again, if you want to create a separate headline for each page, you can do so.

  1. To create it, first, open Google Docs, then click on the Format option at the top of the to make a header in google docs9-1-min-min
  2. After clicking on the Format option, you will see an option called Header & Footer in the bottom to make a header in google docs9-2-min-min
  3. Click on the footer and header option in the feature that will come out.
  4. After clicking, another feature will come out in which you can see different types of options. If you want to be the different header for each page, click “Different first page
  5. And if you want the same for each task, then just click on the “Apply” button option. how to make a header in google docs91-min-minThat’s it.

In the header and footer option, you can leave as much space as you want in the header and footer option.
For this, you have an option called Margins Header (inches from the top)

In Header & Footer Top. Put a number like (1 or 0.5) in the Header & Footer feature. Finally, click on the Apply button.

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