How to make a graph in Microsoft word

Microsoft word is used widely as a commercial processor developed by Microsoft. It was first released on October 25, 1983, when it was called Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Following versions were written later for several other platforms like IBM PCs running DOS.

Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft office suite of productivity software, which can also be purchased as a stand-alone product. Words is compatible with many other programs, the most common being the other components of Office suite.

In addition to that, Microsoft Word include a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) display which ensures that everything displayed on screen appears the same way when move to another program or format or printed.

One of many ways to get your message across without words are by using visual data graphics and this can be done using Microsoft Word document. It is fairly a simple process to import data from Excel to create a visually appealing graph.

How to make a graph in Microsoft word

6 easy steps to make a graph in Microsoft word

The graphs are then customizable to make them as aesthetically pleasing or complex as one like. Graphs on Words can be created for Windows, Mac, online as well as Microsoft 365 for Max by following some easy steps. That is because Word provides various features and functions to produce a clear and professional graph.

Step 1: Go to Words and open a new document.
Step 2: Then, go to the Ribbon tab and select the “Insert” option followed by the “Chart” option.
Step 3: Select the chart type and click “okay.”
Step 4: Next insert the data and axis names over the default data in the spreadsheet.
Step 5: Once entering the data close spreadsheet.
Step 6: To customize the graph click on the Graph and there will be options like “Chart Elements”, “Chart Styles”, “Chart Filters”, choose those options to modify the graph according to your preference.

Commonly asked Questions

Question: How to add labels to graphs in Word?

Answer: Once the graph is done click on the chart elements at the top right of the graph then check the data labels to insert the labels.

Questions: How can I combine two types of graphs?

Answers: Select the data and go to the insert tab and click on the “charts”. Then click the “All charts tab” and choose “Combo” category at the bottom of the page. If all the axis and data is correct, then proceed to click “OK.”

Questions: Do I have to save the default spreadsheet sheet after entering the values?

Answers: No, you don’t have to as it is not a separate file.

Questions: Can I copy and paste the graph in another document without effecting the values of the data in the graph?

Answers: To avoid the data of the graph change when it is pasted the graph has to be copied and pasted as an image.



One of the helpful functions of Word is that it allows to produce many types of graphs. Graphs is a commonly used visual presentation of a certain data.


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