How to list contract work on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform primarily focusing on connecting professionals and employers. This platform consists of the world’s largest professional networks with almost 800 million members across the world.

Therefore, this platform opens opportunities for job seekers as well as for employers to find their best candidates.

The features and functions of LinkedIn have been enhanced ever since it was launched in 2003 to make the platform as engaging as possible. 

With a few simple steps, job seekers can produce a profile that has a high chance of being noticed by employers and recruiters. For instance you can list contract work on LinkedIn.  

Here are the steps on how to list contract work on LinkedIn.

Steps to Include, Title, Company, and Location

1. Open LinkedIn page.
2. Click on the “Me” option.
3. Then, scroll down to the Experience section and click on the “Title field” type “Contract” followed by the position held.
4. Next, click the “Company field” and type the organization you contracted with.
5. Click on the “Location field” and type where the company/organization was located.
6. Add in the “Start date” and “End date” period of the position held. If you are currently in that position, select the “I am currently working in this role” option.
7. At the Description field type in extra details on the work you did, or you are doing. Add in the details that interest your potential employer or recruiter.
8. Click the “save” option once done.

Steps to attach PDF work samples to your job history.

1. Open LinkedIn page.
2. Click on your “Me” icon.
3. Then click on the plus sign of the specific position held.
4. Scroll down and click on the “Add Media” option.
5. Upload the related PDFs and click on the “save” option to update.

Commonly asked Questions

Question: How to list me as Self Employed on LinkedIn?

Answer: Open the LinkedIn page then click on the “Me” icon. Then click on the “Edit Profile” icon option. In the given fields type “self-employed” followed by the type of work, you do in the “headline” field. Once done click on the “Save Changes” option to update the profile.

Questions: Who can give endorsements on LinkedIn?

Who can give endorsements on LinkedIn

Answers: Endorsements can be given by your connections to validify your online resume by backing up your work experience. For instance, your previous employer or mentor could endorse the skills that you have listed to strengthen your LinkedIn profile.

Question: How can I let know employers or recruiters that I am open to working on LinkedIn?

Answer: You can enable the “open to work” feature on LinkedIn. Check out this page to know more on How to let recruiters know you are open on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is one of the most engaging websites for both Employers and Job seekers not only to connect with each other but to get inspired and to expand their network.

The feature of this platform allows job seekers to edit their profile in an efficient way to be noticed by recruiters and employers.

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