How to Like a Photo on Instagram

Instagram is one of the great expiring web pages all over the world. If you explore Instagram the right way you can increase your follower also increase your own small business.

Like and comment helps you to increase your post engagement. So it plays a very important role that’s why you need to know about this kind of thing.

In general, many people don’t know how to like a photo on Instagram. To clear that kind of thought we decide we will show you a guide.

Let’s figure out how to do this.

How to Like a Photo on Instagram

Open your Instagram app on your device and log into your account. Then go to your home page.

How to Like a Photo on Instagram

Then select the picture you want to like. Also, you can find the image by scrolling or you can find the exact user by writing the username.

After selecting the image dual click the photo or video. Also, you can like by pressing the white heart below the post, when you press the heart will turn red.

How to Like a Photo on Instagram

Hurray! You have liked an image a few seconds ago. How easy this guide just imagine. Don’t forget to tell me your opinion.


Hope now you understand how easy to like a photo on Instagram. Keep exploring the Instagram feature that will help you to increase your audience and follower.

Also, you can read out other Instagram guides. If you have any questions then tell us in the comments section.

We will try to answer your question.


Does the Heart on Instagram mean like?

Instagram posts have a minor heart image and it means like. If you want to like a post then just press the white heard icon.

The icon is visible when you like the image and stays still if you did not remove the heart.

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