How to insert text box on google docs?

We often need to create a text box when we write something in Google Docs. So now we know how to insert text box on google docs. In today’s article, we will present to you a very simple way through which you can easily insert a text box.

How to insert text box on google docs?

Inserting text boxes into Google Docs is not a difficult task at any time. To insert a textbox into Google Docs, you just need to remember this way and follow the instructions that will allow you to do this easily.

  • To create a text box, you must first open the page in Google Docs on which you want to create a text box.
  • After opening the page, look at the toolbar. You can see there are several options, one of which is named insert.
  • Once you find the Insert option, click on it. how to insert text box on google docs1When you click on it, another feature will come out. That feature has an option called Drawing. Click on it or move the mouse pointer over to insert text box on google docs15
  • After clicking on the Drawing option, another feature will come out which has an option called New. Click on the New option, then a drawing picture will come out.
  • There is an icon named [T] on the drawing page then click on it. Now you need to click on your empty space or drag then enter the text you to insert text box on google docs-4-min
  • When you have finished typing in the text box, click on the Save & Close button at the top right.

When you click the Save & Close button, you can see that the drawing has been added to your original docs.

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