How to insert a textbox in google docs?

Google Docs is a free online word processor that allows you to create documents even in collaboration with other people. Now time to tell you, how to insert a textbox in google docs?

To use it, all you need to do is create a Google account and go to the service page.

How to insert a textbox in google docs?

A document may need to insert a text box to highlight some information.

You can apply various formatting to text boxes such as bold, underline, insert a border or use colors to highlight. You can also insert videos.

In this article, you will find out how to proceed with the insertion.

Insert a text box on Google Docs with the Drawing tool

To insert a text box with the drawing tool select Insert> Drawing> + New from the to insert a textbox in google docs51-minhow to insert a textbox in google docs 51-52-minhow to insert a textbox in google docs 51-52-53-min

Inserting a text box with the Draw tool in Google Docs
Click on the text box to insert a textbox in google docs33

Now create the rectangle where you will insert the text by left-clicking and dragging it inside the drawing area.

Click inside the rectangle and enter the text.

By clicking on the icon at the bottom left you can choose between three text insertion options

  • Do not automatically adapt
  • Shrink text to avoid overflow
  • Resize the shape to fit the text

Once you have achieved the desired result, click on Save and close.

Left-click on the text in the document to display the box edit menu.

Text box using drawing tool shapes

If you need to insert text inside structures that are not simply a square or a rectangle you can use the shapes provided by the drawing tool.

To use shapes from the menu select Insert> Drawing> + New.

Select the shapes icon and choose the one you want. If you position yourself over the menu icons for a while, the description appears.

Drag the mouse cursor with the left button pressed and create the shape. Click on Save and Close to complete the operation.

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