How to indent second line in google docs?

Now the topic we will discuss is how to indent second line in google docs. Indenting a paragraph or the second line of an article is not a complicated task. You can easily do this in Google Docs if you want. Because Google Docs has a variety of features or options that can be used to date the second line.

How to indent second line in google docs?

Coming back to the main topic, now I will show you how easily we can use Google Docs to Indent any line or second line of a paragraph.

  1. All you have to do to indent the second line in any paragraph in Google Docs is to first Select the second line in the paragraph that you want to make Indent.
  2. Then look at the Google Docs bar. There are several features and some options.
  3. After selecting the second line, there is an option called Format in the page bar of Google to indent second line in google docs10-1-min  Clicking on it, a feature will come out as soon as you click on it.
  4. There are many options considering that one of them is the “Align & indent” option. how to indent second line in google docs10-minMoving or clicking the mouse pointer on this option will bring up another feature. There are many options in this feature.
  5. Out of the many options, you have to click on the option called “Indentation options” and after clicking on it, another new feature will come out.
  6. In this “Indentation options”, you will see an option called “Hanging”, select it, how to indent second line in google docsUntitled-minNow click on the “Apply” button, then it will work.

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We have described this in this article very simply. So that you do not have any difficulty in understanding. We hope you enjoy reading this article because in this article we have tried to highlight the effective method you can share with your friends if you like it.

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