How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram

Every day people post numerous photos on Instagram, sometime they want to give photo credit to the photographer. But the problem is they don’t know how to give photo credit on Instagram?

Thought giving photo credit give your snapper inspiration also increase the audience. Don’t be panic if you don’t know the process.

There are a couple of ways to give photo credit, here in this guide we will show you the step-by-step process.

You have the control to make your insta informative and motivated by doing this simple thing – credit.

Let’s see how to sort out it.

How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram

Here we will show you two different ways to give photo credit. Follow the below step carefully, hope this guide will help you.


Using references or mentions is one of the great ways to give photo credit on Instagram. It is the most standard way to give credit.

To give photo credit first go to your Instagram profile. Then select the image you want to post and click next.

How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram

Now click on the Write Caption key and type @example you want to give photo credit. Here you can give multiple credits.

If all is done then click on the shear option. In a few seconds, the post will show in your news feed with the credit.

How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram


Links are another way to give credit. There is a couple of method to shear links on Instagram but the best way is to shear links in the comment.

Open your Instagram and select the image you want to post. Write a caption or other things and then shear the image.

After shearing the post just types @example and your quotes then click on a post to publish the comment.

How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram

Now it will show in your post comment section.

Profits of Charitable Photo Credit on Instagram

The best profit of giving photo credit on Instagram is interacting. It is a popular stage for shearing and intellect of community.

This is very much true that you are the focus of a photo engaged by a snapper. You docket them, the snapper mention you. Maybe they bark at you on their Insta story.

The snapper follower can see you and also your follower can see the photographer. Here create a good connection and it can increase your audience.

Hope this guide helps you to know the process of giving photo credit on Instagram. Leave a comment down below about the guide.

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